As a specialist recruiter, David has been very patient and professional, despite that I am located in Singapore and he is stationed in the UK. I am most pleased that his patience and professionalism resulted in my recent placement with Scandinavian Boiler Services in Singapore


David was very helpful throughout the whole recruitment process - always very responsive, as well as patient and persistent when necessary, he walked me through all the steps of the recruitment and answered all my questions. I was pleasantly surprised to see that even once hired he followed-up to make sure that everything was in order and that I was settling in well. It was a pleasure working with him and I would highly recommend him for anyone wishing to make their next move in the maritime world.


I want to thank Jay Farr for all the professional and excellent services rendered to me throughout the whole application and recruitment process of a post from a renowned marine insurer. I am very grateful that I was successfully selected by the employer. It would have not been possible without Jay's thoughtful encouragement and valuable advice. You had been an amazing partner to me! I am sure other applicants under your guidance will achieve the same success too! Thank you once again for all the support and dedicated service.


Jay Farr placed me and I cannot thank her enough for all her support in the process, which goes beyond the every day work that other recruitment agents are involved in. She facilitated my transition in the most efficient way and made sure I was completely happy with the final offer. I believe it is fair to say that Jay is an extremely talented person who I have and will keep recommending to my peers.


It was definitely a pleasant experience working with your professional team for our Global Executive Search. With our unique criteria and expectations on the candidate, Spinnaker Global was able to provide detailed assessment reports highlighting the strengths, weaknesses and capabilities of the candidates in relations to our needs, which undoubtedly added immense values to our selection process. Your approachable attitude, tailored services and efficient manner throughout the period also impressed our management team. We’re pleased to share that the placement was successful and transitioning very well in the position. We have no hesitation in introducing Spinnaker Global as a desirable recruitment partner!

Sabrina Chao, Chairman (Wah Kwong)

David Tubb at Spinnaker Global works how a true recruiter should. He provided support every step of the way and guided both me and my current employer through the initial phase with professionalism and dedication. I’m extremely happy with my new position and have a great relationship with my new boss, who has given me great feedback on my performance. I am grateful for David’s role in my hiring process and have recommended personal contacts to him.


David Tubb placed me in my current role and his support throughout the process was excellent. Once the interview was arranged his advice and support was extremely helpful and respectful. Following the job offer his assistance with contract negotiations was once again excellent. He then kept in touch post placement to ensure all was going well and offer his assistance should it be required. His professionalism at every stage was excellent. He offered support and advice where necessary and respected both employer and candidate throughout.


Liam Daly is the best recruitment consultant I have ever dealt with! Thank you for everything. I will always recommend you.


It is refreshing talking to a recruiting company like Spinnaker, who seem extremely active in placements and engagement with prospective job seekers. A breath of fresh air, keep up the good work !


Sandra taking the time to go over the company profile and explain the role and the current setup really helped me, and the feedback was awesome. I appreciate all Spinnaker have done.


Spinnaker are well respected and trusted in the maritime recruitment industry. I have no doubt in my mind if Spinnaker comes across a suitable role, we will be talking about another potential position.


It has been a very good experience working with Spinnaker, and in particular with Teresa Peacock. Her extensive recruitment experience and knowledge of the maritime market were invaluable to our process. As we were recruiting for a key position, her coordination of the project and team helped us greatly. Communication was clear every step of the way.

Donna Price, Global HR Business Partner, Stolt-Nielsen (Client)

I cant believe it has been ten years (2007) that we have been working together. With you having filled multiple roles for our company, comprising several different areas of expertise, we always count on Spinnaker to be highly knowledgeable, connected, and well respected in the industry. The service is always good and we know we can rely on you to support our mutual values of trust and integrity. We look forward to our next mandate and I hope and expect to be working together for many years to come.

Paul Pathy, President & CEO, Fednav (Client)

I am pleased to endorse the work of Teresa Peacock and Spinnaker Global, who over the past 18 months has provided invaluable support to our major UK maritime based recruitment programme. Teresa and her team at Spinnaker have been true partners providing support and counsel going well beyond our agreed mandate. When we have had challenges Teresa has helped develop alternative approaches and solutions and when issues have arisen, as they inevitably do, we have been able to hold a frank and open dialogue to address them. Teresa and her team have also demonstrated a sustained level of energy and engagement over an extended period and delivered tangible results, without ever becoming aggressive or pushy, something we have particularly valued. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

Jonathan Campbell, CFO, MSC Cruise Management (UK) Ltd (Client)

In 2016 we asked Spinnaker Global to assist us in the search for a new Global Manager Technical & New Building for the Shipowning division of Stolt Tankers BV in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We have received a good selection of candidates and Spinnaker found us the right candidate, ticking almost all the boxes! The enthusiasm combined with professionalism of all those working for us on the search was great. We felt listened to, Spinnaker was never afraid to ask more questions and provided us with regular and good summaries and status reports. I can advise Spinnaker for specific higher management roles. The network is great and they know where to advertise and to reach out to the right candidates.

Stolt Tankers Shipowning (Client)

I like Spinnaker's professionalism; it's the best in the industry.


Spinnaker's energy is infectious and they are a joy to work with!

GNS (Client)

I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with Spinnaker Global. Having been hired / recruited by recruitment firms in the past and also using them to source talent for my previous tenures, I cannot express how impressed I am with the quality and response time at Spinnaker. Oliver Mason was professional and detailed. Instead of feeling like a number I felt heard, and that Spinnaker is invested to ensure I am placed in a position that is aligned with my experience, goals and ambitions. It was an absolute breath of fresh air experiencing this with a recruitment firm.

Philip Ridgway (Candidate)

It is now one week since I have joined my new office, and I would like to thank Spinnaker for your efforts in placing me there. So far the training has gone extremely well, and I must commend you on the quality of the new team that you have assembled.


The best and most honest team. It's as simple as that.


Spinnaker believed in me and introduced me to one of their clients. I can only say that they are very competent, communicative and ethical HR professionals. Thank you for everything.


Spinnaker came across as very professional recruitment company, very easy to work with and understood our requirements spot on. Eloise Hardy was very helpful and found us a suitable candidate, who we needed urgently, within days. The candidate has adjusted with our company and fits in perfectly.

Client (Altitec)

I started my new job and I just wanted to say thanks one more time to Matthew King for breaking me into the role I couldnt have found about the role without your assistance. This is a huge step up for me professionally and especially in the present market conditions. I'm glad it ended well!


I would certainly recommend Spinnaker Global as talented professionals very capable of aligning the needs of shipping companies in search of talent with those of industry professionals seeking career development.

Steven Blowers (Bahri General Cargo)

Spinnaker always get back to me and keep me updated throughout the recruitment process, which I appreciate a lot. Very professional and supportive.


David Tubb and I have been in contact since last year and I found no other agency as professional as Spinnaker. I would like to thank you for everything as I learnt a lot during this time.


I can't thank Lucy McQuillan enough for proposing me for my new job, I'm so happy here! It's best team and work environment I could ever ask for. Thank you again!


The job Spinnaker found for me is really interesting, motivating and matches perfectly with the kind of position I was looking for when I contacted you. Im really grateful; thank you very much Joe Hart for your help and assistance during this recruitment.

Marion Fantin (Candidate)

Eloise is a very proactive and efficient consultant and ensures clients' requirements are always met with satisfaction.


After a decade out at sea, I finally have a stepping stone to further my career ashore. I must thank David Tubb and Matthew King for setting me up for this job. I was delighted to hear that I had been selected for this new role!


Spinnaker's network of contacts is remarkable, as is their knowledge of the shipping industry and various roles that occupy it.


Spinnaker will guide you every step of the way they are unlike many other recruitment firms as they will have your best interest at heart. Their strong work ethic, knowledgeable and responsive team says it all. I have been approached on numerous occasions by their competition, but I would not change the strong ties and trust that we have developed over the years. Spinnaker does not stop until their client is completely satisfied.


Thank you Spinnaker for your kindly cooperation and attention, and the time that you have spent on me. As you know, the shipping industry changes every day, and a good opportunity must be taken every time.


David Tubb recently placed me in my new position and was extremely helpful in streamlining suitable jobs for me and keeping me informed with feedback on every stage of the application process. I would recommend David Tubb to anyone looking for to further their careers.

Tom Nevin (Candidate)

David Tubb's help and guidance was greatly appreciated. I will definitely refer any friends or colleagues to Spinnaker and David for your services.


Its been a true pleasure working with Matthew Holman this last year; the level of service and candidates submitted have been remarkable. Thank you for all your help!

Rachel Grubbs (Carnival Cruise Lines)

Thank you David Tubb for all of your hard work in assisting me in such a great position - it's exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for recommending the company to me, securing me an interview and for all your efforts and courtesy you gave me.

Fiona Rush (Candidate)

Eloise Hardy is an excellent consultant, very professional on every level of the service involvement. She was proactive and kept me up to date at every stop of the recruitment process. I highly appreciate her assistance and a valuable input into my job search process which has resulted in an excellent employment contract.

Anna Grajek (Reederei Nord)

Eloise Hardy is definitely a cut above the rest. Her dedication and professionalism to the interests of the client for whom she is recruiting and the candidates for whom she is seeking new opportunities is unquestioned and extremely refreshing to see these days. She is not the typical recruiter in that she truly has the best interests of all parties at heart and diligently follows through, keeping all sides updated and informed, unlike the more typical "cut and run" which are seen all too often.

Archie Smiley (Bernhard Schulte)

David Tubb is the perfect recruitment consultant. I would like to recommend him to all who are looking for a new step in their career.

Roman Eramisant (Candidate)

The service that David Tubb has provided to us to date has been exemplary. He listened well to the candidate requirements and sought to provide us candidates for 3 roles that are challenging to fill.

Ruth Gladwell, Group Human Resources Business Partner (Briggs Marine)

Teresa Peacock is certainly our 'go to' person for future technical mandates; we have only great things to say about our experience to date with Spinnaker.

Christine Mack, Manager Employee Development (Fednav International)

Our particular thanks go to Teresa Peacock whose calm professionalism and extensive knowledge of the sector helped us through. She has been completely wonderful.

Belinda Coote, Chief Executive (Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust)

I would like to commend David Tubb for his professionalism, his understanding of the market and last but not least his patience and perseverance!

Tatiana Perinetti (Candidate)

I can say Spinnaker has a very professional staff, highly competitive, quick and effective, they take your job application with special care and seriousness; honestly, I am happy to recommend them to anyone seeking for a job.

Cecilia Saravia (Candidate)

What can I say, Spinnaker found me my first graduate job at Total in the UK just after I completed my MSc, I have the highest respect for them.

Manos Papadopoulos (Candidate)

We are rather pleased with the service and support we received from Spinnaker. They are efficient and eager to assist with canvassing good and potential candidates when we ask for support.

Patrik Hallden, Group Vice President, HR (The GAC Group)

Haven't had a walk down the recruiter-route before, but I'm glad I did, during the process Ollie Mason was extremely proactive, supportive and communicative, not to mention his professionalism and good attitude!

Magnus Olson (Candidate)

Spinnaker demonstrate great knowledge in their field of expertise that is shipping and logistics. They are well connected to key decision makers and in my experience always went the extra mile to obtain the desired results. I can highly recommend Spinnaker to anyone looking to take the next step in their career.

Andreas Maierhofer (Candidate)

I really would like to thank David Tubb for his great and very professional support he gave to Scafi over the last few months. We at Scafi have all much appreciated his commitment in searching, selecting and indicating us some interesting profiles for our position in Panama. I look forward to submitting to you any other open position we might have within our group in the future and I will be "advertising" Spinnaker when talking to "colleagues" in Italy. David, thanks again for your excellent job provided to our company.

Giovanni Masucci (Scafi)

At present, the job market as a university graduate is tough. Spinnaker contacted me within hours of sending my information with a prospective job opportunity... was fantastic help during every stage of the process ... I highly recommend Spinnaker's work!

Simon Mottram (Candidate)

I must say that David Tubb is the best consultant ever that I have come across till now. No matter what happens with my application, I really appreciate that he hasn't forgotten me.

Sanjeev Kumar Singh (Candidate)

This consultant is an angel who turns Seafarers wishes in to reality by helping many more aspiring candidates a career lift. You called me from nowhere and my wish to live with my family (partially) became reality. My wish to live and play in snow (I am now in China) came true.

Chandrasekaran Senthil (Candidate)

I would like to make note that Sandra Sutton over at Spinnaker has been an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the duration of our dealings and it has been a long time since I have worked with someone who is as professional and with such attention to detail.

James Kerry (Candidate)

Spinnaker are truly professional and what I have found - unlike several other agencies - is that they are always available to take a call and assist candidates

Nick Georghiou (Candidate)

Earlier this year, I decided to make a break away from my seagoing career, and started the process of finding a suitable position ashore. My first contact with Spinnaker Recruitment was at the end of May, when Sandra Sutton picked up on my initial inquiry. Sandra then became my "contact" with Spinnaker, and she has been instrumental in my succesful acquisition of my new position within the BP organisation. In this time, Sandra has shown a very professional but personal touch in all aspects of my job search. I would certainly recommend Spinnaker to other people I meet, who are searching for work, and this largely due to the excellent service provided by Sandra Sutton.

Captain Rossell (Candidate)

Spinnaker does great work for ISS. Good customer service and I always feel the candidates are treated with respect.

Camilla Aitchison, Chief Human Resources Officer (Inchcape Shipping Services)

The attention to detail made it feel like I was being targeted rather than "cold-called", made the experience far more positive and, I suspect, contributed to my making the (not easy) decision to leave my previous employer

Jonathan Holloway (Candidate)

When we were negotiating final figures for salary and terms, the consultant was very much in control and acted as the mediator very professionally. She was able to handle communications from both sides in a confident, but also mindful, way and could deliver the necessary messages in both directions to ensure we all knew what our own issues and desires were and, more importantly, that there was no breakdown of relationship or dispute.

Jonathan Holloway (Candidate)

It felt like Spinnaker were making an effort to get the right person in the right place, not just filling slots for the short term. The consultant was totally professional throughout, she is confident, clearly knows what she is talking about, had a good knowledge of the client and was interested and keen to make sure that I was at ease throughout the process

Jonathan Holloway (Candidate)

Due to the diligence, advice, and co-operation from David Tubb I have gained a great job, and I owe my thanks to David and Spinnaker for time and effort for in helping me gain this great opportunity. I will forever remember this experience. Wish all the best & gratitude for the same.

C Mohammed Wasif (Candidate)

I have to say that you are one of the few offering such a good service. Well done!

Georgios Kampanis (Candidate)

Thomas Miller have used Spinnaker's services for many years and since joining I have personally dealt with consultants heavily on a number of roles. Very friendly and helpful individuals, extremely knowledgeable on the Shipping Market which has been invaluable in our search for candidates.

Stephanie Gannon (Thomas Miller (UK P&I Club))

David Tubb has been very professional in his approach and negotiation. He is thorough and determined to deliver top performance. I have been positively impressed by the follow-up to ensure total satisfaction of his clients. I enjoyed working with David who has demonstrated an innovative approach and does not stop at what is the easiest path. I would recommend David to anyone who is looking for a leading executive search service and would not hesitate to call on him for my future professional needs

Daniel Ecker (NCC Saudi Arabia)

For sure the best company I have used. Professional, fast and very competent

Morten Dehn, Bunker Manager (MUR, Dubai)

Being located in Montreal area and not knowing the job market in the UK, Spinnaker has been a tremendous help and made it easy for us to understand better what was happening in the UK recruitment world and find good candidates for a position we needed to fill in the London area. They were very helpful, dedicated, always responsive and on track with the mandate. We found them very personable and helped us reach our goal of finding a good candidate within a reasonable period of time

Elisabeth Laforest, Senior Manager, Human Resources (The CSL Group Inc. (Canada Steamship Lines))

Your consultants have been very professional and kind at the same time with me, I was very pleased dealing with them

Matteo Masi (Marine Engineer and Naval Architect)

Our company utilised Spinnakers recruitment services to employ an Account Manager. We required candidates who had both shipping knowledge and sales experience. Spinnaker delivered a number of quality candidates; and we now employ a new team member in the Commercial Marine Department thanks to them. The communication and follow up throughout the recruitment process was efficient.

Kelly Boyle, HR Officer (Pole Star Global)

Spinnaker is an expert in its field, has a very good understanding of the global marine industry and has excellent research abilities. Spinnaker's professional skills combined with a proactive and supportive approach, perseverance and hard work have been remarkable in achieving the desired outcome. I highly recommend Spinnaker's work and am sure they will be a great asset to anybody who engages Spinnaker's services.

Jagdeep Makkar - General Manager Finance (Topaz Energy and Marine Ltd)

Ollie Mason is a great professional to work with, understands the markets he is dealing with and has good relationships with his clients. I would have no hesitation in dealing with him again.

Jeff Wilson, Deputy Fleet Manager (OSG Ship Management)

I have been quite happy with the experience of working with Spinnaker, and I feel you understand our business: the fact that you concentrate on the shipping industry means we dont have to explain ourselves too much, which is a great help. "Other agencies do not have the same understanding, and therefore there is a lot of time wasted, processing quite inappropriate CVs .I would say your approach is highly professional, and you definitely add value to the recruitment process.

Chris Reilly, MD (Barry Rogliano Salles (London))

I have always found Spinnaker to be ethical in their approach to recruitment and have a great regard for the consultants who I find to be very knowledgeable and helpful.

Company Secretary (International Group P&I Club)

Gard have used Spinnaker Consulting´s services for around fifteen years. During that time we have found their staff to be friendly, helpful and realistic with an up-to-date working knowledge of the shipping, maritime and marine insurance markets. Gard has commissioned regular salary surveys from them as well as having received assistance with recruitment, at both junior and senior levels. Whilst our own staff retention levels are high, Spinnaker is the company to whom we would turn should we require advice on any recruitment or staff retention issues. We would recommend them for your consideration.

Karen Veness (Gard)

We have worked closely with Spinnaker in finding the ideal candidates to join our team at Dynamar. Furthermore, Spinnaker has been very attentive in following up the placement of a candidate, making sure both ourselves and the new recruit are happy and satisfied. We would definitely recommend Spinnaker to other businesses in the industry.

Sophie Redfern (Dynamar BV)

I have known Phil for nearly 20 years and have always found him to be a very knowledgeable and professional individual. I have appointed him as a solicitor, benefited from his input as a business partner and valued him as a friend. I would have no hesitation in recommending him in any business capacity

Nick Maddalena (Managing Director, Seacurus)

Spinnaker were a pleasure to work with, they know the maritime industry inside out and strive for results. Phil Parry spearheaded the HR Maritime Forum which helped to change the face of HR in the maritime industry. Bravo Phil!!

Alison Jenkins FCIPD (formerly AET)

Spinnaker are the consummate professionals and know the shipping business inside-out. I have worked with them on a number of occasions and have nothing but praise for their people skills, work ethics and commitment. Phil Parry makes an excellent partner in recruitment and in the maritime industry.

Carly Fields (Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers)

With his cheerful disposition and open mind, Phil Parry is a great person to talk to about careers in the maritime industry. His wide ranging knowledge also makes him an excellent sounding board for ideas.

Stephanie Zarach (BIMCO)

Strong communicator with outgoing and dynamic co-operative skills, actively taking leadership. High ability to persuade and argue to the decisive level, able to apply effective counselling and advisory with diplomacy & tact, driving decisions and projects forward. Strong command & insight of lobbyism techniques. Adaptable to a multicultural & international marketplace working with all levels of management, stakeholders & cultures across business units and regions in a fast moving and ever changing global shipping environment. A highly skilled net-worker and corporate ambassador and, by nature, very sociable and outgoing

Michael Elwert (Thome Ship Management)

Spinnaker has put more people in the right jobs than anyone else I know. They take the time to engage with his clients, helping them understand their vision and their ambitions. From this solid understanding comes an ability to recommend the right candidates to their clients. Understanding the nuances within the shipping industry and speaking our language, not to mention the highly successful benchmarking project has given them a platform from which to advise and support a wide range of clients. Id recommend Phil Parry as a recruiter, as mentor and, with Spinnaker, as an essential partner in finding the right people for your company.

Julie Lithgow (Director, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers)

I have known Phil on a business basis for over 10 years and have had cause to use his services/those of his company, both in support of my own career path, and also to recruit individuals to the organisations for which I have/currently work(ed). Phil is without doubt both an expert in his chosen field and both personally and through his company, provides an exceptional service to his clients. I have no doubt in recommending Phil and Spinnaker Consulting, in the assurance that you will receive expert assistance and advice together with a positive end result.

Giles Heimann (IMEC)

Spinnaker has both recruited me and recruited for me and on both sides of the business the service levels have been high. Phil Parry cares deeply about what he does and also devotes time and energy into "putting something back", so no hesitation in recommending.

Mike Powell (formerly Glencore)

Spinnaker's reputation as the market leader in the global maritime recruitment sector is well deserved. I have known Phil professionally since the 1990's and I have had the benefit of experiencing his services as both a candidate and as an employer. Phil's knowledge of the maritime world is encyclopaedic and he is quick to grasp the relevant issues irrespective of whether they have been fully articulated. His ethical approach, provision of timely information and unfailing good humour makes working with him, on either side of the fence, a pleasure

Ian MacLean (Candidate & Client)

Selecting the next Chief Executive is a vital decision for any business. When that organisation is also a 100 years old Royal Charter based membership organisation with global coverage, it is even more essential to find the right individual who will drive it forward with energy, skill and a sensitivity of approach which reflects the needs of the members both now and in the future. Phil Parry provided an excellent choice of candidates for this demanding role, from which we found exactly the right person. The service from Phil and his staff was exemplary in every way and I doubt that we would have had such a satisfactory outcome without the involvement of Spinnaker.

Tony Dixon, Chairman (Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers)

Spinnaker recently covered the end-to-end consultancy process for a role that I had shown interest in. The professional attitude, enthusiasm and people management skills were second to none during the interview, selection and recruitment process. The consultant was always there to support and to offer professional advice and ensured that a regular communication flow existed throughout the process. I was successful in gaining a General Manager position with Inchcape Shipping Services, Spinnaker even went that extra mile to check that I had settled into the new role. Many thanks.

David Lindsell, General Manager (Incape Shipping Services)

Spinnaker employs the kind of people that give the recruitment industry a good name

Bernard Stringer (Candidate)

Spinnaker has an excellent knowledge of the Maritime ITC sector, provides support to both client and candidate and is utterly dependable. I would not hesitate in recommending Spinnaker to whomever, whenever

Paul Jolley (Candidate)

I would highly recommend Spinnaker - if you are either looking for a full time position or indeed need to use their services in locating an ideal candidate - look no further!

Richard Butcher, CEO (IMS Inc)

I appointed Spinnaker Consulting to assist with executive search and recruitment of a sales manager inside Japan. I can affirm that throughout, Spinnaker was diligent, professional, proactive and communicative. The nature of the location and the time difference between Japan and the UK presented their own problems, but the Spinnaker managed these seamlessly and worked hard to keep to the brief we gave and understand our needs as a client.

Neil Godfrey, Sales Director (GAC)

I have had the pleasure of speaking and working with Spinnaker with regard to opportunities within the maritime industry. Personable and engaging, the consultant exudes positive energy and a clear understanding of her market, her clients and the candidates she represents. With its professional and honest approach, I would not hesitate to recommend Spinnaker.

Warren Pringle, Account Manager (Wilhelmson)

Spinnaker is an excellent recruiter. Always on the ball, great communicators and know how to balance client and candidate needs very well. Their extensive understanding of the Shipping industry allows them to match candidates and clients almost to perfection. This along with exceptional integrity and honesty makes Spinnaker my ideal recruiter.

Naghza Alam (Euroceanica)

Spinnaker take the time to do the job well. The research is excellent and they vet and prepare candidates to a high level making sure they show their best. Additionally they are an excellent communicator. I would recommend Spinnaker.

Mark Howard (Candidate)

Spinnaker's enthusiasm and kindness, as well as excellent communication skills and professionalism, make them the ideal recruiter. I would highly recommend Spinnaker without second thoughts. They have been extremely helpful throughout the whole process of finding a job, and it was thanks to Spinnaker I finally got one. I cannot thank you enough for everything you've done for me.

Alexandros Mitsios (AXS Marine)

I am very pleased to recommend Spinnaker as a thoroughly professional recruiter for both clients and candidates. Spinnaker's consultants have a detailed knowledge of the shipping and logistics sector and have a defined skill in identifying the right candidate for the right role. An asset to our industry, Spinnaker is able to secure a progressive outcome for all parties.

Robert Capon (FH Bertling)

I have experienced David Tubb as a knowledgable professional, who has a talent to listen to the various parties and find the common denominator. I can surely recommend David´s work and when the opportunity, arises I will not hesitate to work again with David.

Jeroen van Waveren, Executive Director (The Maritime Supply Group)

The executive committee of INTERTANKO selected Spinnaker to conduct an executive search for the organization following a formal review process which included a number of other recruitment companies. In essence, as well as being competitive, Spinnaker were deemed to be knowledgeable, professional and approachable. These characteristics were affirmed during the search process where in addition they proved to be tenacious, flexible and diligent. In summary, it was a pleasure to work with Phil and his staff.

Graham Westgarth, Chairman (INTERTANKO)

My consultant from Spinnaker was a remarkable recruiter. Extremely likeable and professional. I would recommend Spinnaker without hesitation. I think any job seeker would be very lucky to have her working on their behalf. What impressed me so much was that even after I had been hired, she continued to offer her support and advice, which was highly appreciated

Hilary Spilkin, Vice President & Director of Corporate Registry (LISCR)

Working with Spinnaker is both productive and pleasant. They are fast, driven, engaging and professional. I especially appreciate that they were respectful of my career choices, even when they were not in line with their immediate business needs. I would not hesitate in working with Spinnaker again.

General Manager (Bumi Armada)

I am happy to say that I could not be more pleased with my choice of workplace! And once again thank you for all you have done for me. You proved all negative rumours about recruiters wrong. The people I have had contact with have been utmost professional and effective as well as being a fantastic support in what can be a difficult process with tough decisions to make.

HHH (Candidate (Maritime Lawyer))

I cant thank Amy Travell enough for her input into my successful recruitment into the shipbroking industry. Being a 21 year old university leaver with no prior broking experience, Amy provided me with the correct mindset for successful applications - giving up-to-date relevant advice to all my many questions. It quickly became clear by the interviews she put me forward for, some even overseas, that she had a good idea of my requirements. I found Amy easy to talk to and truly would recommend her to anybody wishing to enter the shipping world.

Philip Trish (Shipbroker)

Spinnaker Consulting were engaged on a global executive search project to source a director of bunker fuel strategy to be based in our European headquarters. This was a difficult project that required detailed knowledge of the shipping industry both to source the right person and to sell our opportunity to them. Spinnaker shortlisted some excellent individuals from around the world and were successful in finding us a Scandinavian based in Switzerland. We would not hesitate to recommend Spinnaker.

Managing Director, Asia (European Dry Bulk Shipowner)

We have been very happy to have the opportunity to work with you since last year. We have already made a successful placement. We are very satisfied with your very good services giving excellent applicants for our company and also providing us with information about the potential candidates. We hope to have the chance to work with you continuously.

Deputy General Manager (STX Panocean)

At Cargill, we aim to deliver added value to our customers and like to think of ourselves as their business partners. In the same way, we can always rely on Spinnaker for detailed global market knowledge and advice. Spinnaker has an impressive international reach for shipping positions and I have always felt they have given 100% in their dealings with me. Theyve delivered good advice and good candidates.

Patrick Prendergast (Cargill International SA)

Spinnaker offered a thorough and professional service, targeting and delivering on our departments specific needs within a short time frame.

JP (Deputy Team Leader, Demurrage, Oil Major)

When I was looking for a change in my shipping job, Spinnaker was the only recruiting head hunter that brought me the best suited job based on my past experience and requirements. It was a long wait but a worthwhile one. As soon as they identified me as a potential candidate the dialogue never stopped. Their consultants are top notch, well versed in what they are doing and highly professional in their approach. The consultant I was attached with was extremely warm and understanding and was quick to respond to my queries. The regular emails followed by the phone when needed was important when time was not on your side. There were many issues that I needed guidance and support and Spinnaker was there out in the middle to help me out. All in all a fantastic team with all the professionalism desired to get you the right job. Thank You Spinnaker.

Kevin Anthony Dsouza (Candidate)

I am pleased to write that the service I have received from Spinnaker throughout my recruitment has been first class. From the initial application to the support I have received during this period has been very helpful. I have found the level of interest and care shown to be better than any support I have received in the past from a recruitment agency. I would wholeheartedly recommend Spinnakers to friends and colleagues for both advertising of jobs and for looking for positions in the future.

SJ (Laytime Specialist)

Milford Haven Part Authority, the fifth largest port in the UK, have used Spinnaker in the recruitment of several positions over the past few years, most recently being that for a Commercial Director. Having also tried direct advertising and recruitment, we recognise that Spinnaker provide access to a large database relevant to our requirements and a high degree of professionalism and expertise from which we have benefited in making successful appointments.

Mr Ted Sangster (Executive Milford Haven Port Authority)

Spinnaker Consulting Ltd were engaged on a multiple-vacancy project basis with tight time lines. They were proactive, organised and ready to meet the challenge of helping BP recruit suitable candidates in Singapore for a new department. It was a very successful working relationship resulting in a 100% acceptance rate of 9 offers.

Surbjit Laroya (Senior Consultant, Atos Origin (on behalf of BP) Singapore)

Spinnaker were retained to recruit the Director of Partnership Sales for ISS. Following a combined global search and advertised selection, we submitted a shortlist of candidates from Germany, Denmark, Italy, Malaysia and the UK. ISS successfully hired two candidates, one into the original vacancy and the other into a country manager role in the Mediterranean.

(Inchcape Shipping Services)

We were impressed with Spinnaker's ability to nominate qualified candidates which matched our unique criteria. Spinnaker's detailed narrative reports and interview summaries highlighted strengths, weaknesses and the individuals' capabilities as they related to the needs of our organization. We were very satisfied that these reports closely matched our own analysis of each candidate. As a result, the short-listing process was fast and efficient. We truly believe we hired the best available candidate as a result of Spinnaker's services.

Scott Bergeron (COO, Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR))

I would like to thank you for your cooperation during my new employment. From start to end, the information flow has been fantastic (terms, information about new relocation area, etc). I can only recommend Spinnaker to everybody: people looking for new opportunities or companies looking for new employees.

Mr JMJ (Director of Bunkers)

We used the services of Spinnaker Consulting to source a Technical Manager for our mixed fleet of tankers, container vessels and bulk carriers. At the beginning of the process we produced a timetable which was strictly adhered to. There was excellent communication throughout ensuring that the candidates which were finally shortlisted closely matched our requirements. The interviews were efficiently organized into first interview and second interview days so reducing the time commitment of the management of this company to the minimum possible. We have ended up with a good employee and were completely satisfied with the service given by Spinnaker Consulting.

General Manager (Shipping Company, Cyprus)

Spinnaker were appointed by a Greek tanker owner to recruit a new COO. The client was unsure whether to insist on Greek candidates or whether their culture would suit overseas candidates. Spinnaker took on the assignment as a retained search and agreed to submit dual shortlists of Greek and overseas candidates. The final shortlist comprised an American Greek, a Brit, two Greeks and a Norwegian. The Norwegian candidate was successfully appointed.

Greek Tanker Owner (Greece)