Frequently asked questions - for candidates

Recruitment consultants are a valuable free service, providing expert advice, putting you in touch with decision-makers and ensuring you are presented in the best possible way.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you in your job search.

Go to and enter your email address. We'll then ask you for other details such as your name, date of birth, location, contact details, and your latest CV/resume.

We'll also ask you to enter a unique password so you can login to your account at any time. Only registered users can apply for our jobs.

We will log you onto our system, and give you a call if we feel we can help you in your job search, usually within a week.

Once you're registered, you can view your recent applications, look at saved searches, edit your personal details, update your CV/resume, and manage your subscriptions.

You sure can; just log in and start applying!

We have a search functionality located at the top of every web page. You can search by sector, location, or keywords, for example 'Broker' or 'Surveyor'.

If you hit the search jobs button without entering any of these specifications, all our jobs will show up with the most recent first.

Click on the link at the top of the page that says 'Forgotten password'. We'll email you a temporary password, and you can then log in and save a new one.

You can forward jobs to a friend using the share buttons on each job page. They will have to register to apply.

If you're interested about one of our roles, give us a call on +44 (0)1702 480142 or via the Contact page of the website. We'd love to hear from you.

We will never send your CV to our clients without your express permission. If you give us your permission to put you forward for a vacancy, we shall do so on the understanding that you have not authorised anyone else to do so.

We cannot guarantee that we will find you a job. However, once you have registered with us, your details will remain in our database, which is comprehensively searched for every vacancy we handle. If you appear suitable for a particular vacancy, our consultants will try to contact you by phone or in writing to confirm your suitability and to invite you to apply.

We have a high volume of applications. The application may take several days to process. If you have not heard from us within two weeks, you have been unsuccessful.

We arrange all interviews on your behalf - including confirmation e-mails. This includes all negotiations and paperwork.

Feedback, between everyone involved, is an essential part of the recruitment process. Delays are extremely frustrating, for you, for recruitment consultants and for HR managers. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a hiring company can take weeks to provide feedback on CVs and interviews or to make a decision.

Rest assured that if you haven't heard from us, then we haven't heard from our client and that we will be pushing hard for feedback. If we are not keeping you well enough informed of what's happening, please let us know via our feedback form.


  • Register with the right agencies
  • Most recruiters specialise in a specific market area and will have a tough time providing a high level of service to every candidate that registers. The closer your background matches the recruiter's specialist area of business the better the level of service you will receive.
  • Be realistic
  • A recruitment consultant will only put you forward for roles that they think you have a chance of getting. Don't be offended if they don't put you forward for your dream job if it involves a skill you have no experience of. If they are not putting your details forward for a position you are sure you could do, it is likely either that you have not fully communicated your relevant achievements and experience or that you do not match the client's precise requirements.
  • Only apply for a small number of jobs that specifically match your skills
  • Nothing tells a recruiter that you haven't read their job ads quicker than applying for a large number of vacancies. You might feel you are giving yourself the best chance by applying for multiple vacancies but experience tells us that candidates who do this ('serial applicants') are usually the least qualified.
  • Keep in contact
  • Communication is a two-way street. Don't forget that recruiters work on behalf of their employer clients and it is their job to assess both your suitability and your level of interest. Always call before and immediately after any interviews to report your feedback. Failure to report back demonstrates a lack of interest and may lead a recruiter and the client to favour another candidate.


  • Don't work with recruiters who send your CV to employers without informing you
  • Apart from the obvious danger of your CV landing up in the wrong hands, it could spoil your relationship with more ethical recruiters. If a recruiter calls a client to discuss a vacancy you have expressed an interest in, only to find your CV has already been sent, not only will it their time, it will make you and them appear unprofessional. At best they'll be reluctant to spend more time on your case unless you can give assurances that it won't happen again!
  • Don't forget to go to interviews
  • Setting this interview up may have been easy for you (your recruiter made it that way) but a lot of work went on 'behind the scenes'. A 'no-show' against your name is likely to be terminal for your relationship with this recruiter.
  • Don't keep other applications a secret
  • Everybody wants what they can't have. If you have other applications ongoing elsewhere your consultant needs to keep clients informed if there is a chance that you will be snapped up by somebody else.
  • Don't be naive and think you don't need to prepare
  • Good recruiters are preparing candidates for interview on a daily basis and knows what their clients are looking for. Listen to and act upon their advice! That way, even if you don't get this job they'll be happy to arrange further interviews for you. Prepare thoroughly and it will show in the interview.